From Screen to Curtain, Big Change Will Happen in DOOH Advertising LED Display Published:2016-05-20

To look over the history of outdoor advertising Medias, there were three obvious features as following: the display effects are getting more High Definition; more slight and slim LED display structure, and larger and larger size. The curtain products we will discuss today are relative to the structure and large size. 

What is Curtain Products?

Curtain products are those with strip shape, hollow, light-transmitting which will not affect ventilation and day lighting. Its structure is totally different from traditional LED cabinets, and it is called Strip Screen or Mesh Screen. They were adopted in stage rental first, but in recent years, this kind of curtain products are adopted in large size video wall project outside buildings. This curtain product is the first choice for super large size outdoor LED display project. And now it developed into pixel pitch of 7.81mm from 50mm a long time ago. In some conditions they are qualified for some projects which are high demands on day lighting and light weight. 

Normally speaking, the traditional outdoor LED cabinets display has better delivery performance for their excellent color reproduction ability. However, it is admitted that there exists high cost on structures, transportations, install labors especially in the super large LED display projects

Then, for the large quality of structures adopted, and the die-casting cabinets, it will be a lot weight for the building with a large size. And because of the weights and light transmitting issue, for some buildings with glass outside walls, it is difficult to build a super large size of LED cabinets screen there. And the wind persistence design and maintenance difficulty will affect the customer choice. For the above problems in super large size LED display project, curtain products can fits the needs better. In the next section, we will discuss the advantages of curtain products.