The LED Chip for Small Pixel Pitch Screen Future Development Trend Published:2016-05-19

As the small pixel pitch LED display expanding its market share, there will be a new change in LED chips development. 

1. Consistent performance is important

The LED chips can meet the market customers must have a good consistency. There will be higher requirements on the LED photoelectric properties and high quality specification rather than emphasize brightness only. In the case as operation under small current, the brightness and the change of wavelength should have great consistency, and such kind of products will be suitable for small pixel LED screen adoption. 

2. Excellent products will help great overseas sales  

As long as the LED packaging manufacturers pay attentions to good UV resistance, waterproof function, LED chips can be very competitive products. Overseas markets, in addition to Europe and the United States, LED display market in Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America will have an obvious growth. More large shopping malls, public space, airport will import more high qualified small spacing LED display. Also, the market will effectively solve the problem of the LED display light pollution. With the Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Control, Intelligent Command System and such kind of new public service models, small pixel pitch display products will be widely adopted. In the global market of LED display, small pixel pitch products market scale will be widely expanded since 2015, also there are great potential for related products such as LED driver IC, LED module, the cooling elements.