The New LED Display+ Business Model Published:2016-05-16

At present, the LED display industry is in a "mature" stage. Price fight and industry reshuffle to become normal. Compared to some enterprises busy playing "price war", some other enterprises are relatively rational, and they are not keen to play the "price war", but instead, they are trying innovative marketing business model and try to break "red sea" market. Among them, the LED Display+ is an obvious method. 

Beside the culture Medias, outdoor advertising, and sport applications, LED display enterprises breaks the traditional thinking, and try new business models such as “Display for information”, “Free for display, share the advertisement fee” and so on. This kind of service model is a challenge to the traditional business method. 

For example, the indoor HD LED display for hotel conference room or banqueting hall. To the hotel, LED Display Company provides the display and installation for free, which can benefit it for both money and hotel reputation. Thus it is a big profit to the hotel. While for the LED display enterprises, although the large cost is needed in the primary period, but for a long time consideration, regarding to the concerts, exhibitions, international conferences will be held in hotels, it is believed that LED display company will get a great payback for this expanding marketing share. 

Nowadays, as the LED display market competition getting more and fiercer, it can be foresaw that technology development and creative marketing models will become the new methods to win more market share. Enterprises will lead the company into a new path with the direction of “Intelligent hardware + Service + IoT”.