Marketing Analysis on Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Published:2016-05-13

Under the push of urbanization, Internet+, and Intelligent City construction, the small pixel LED display is showing its advantages in the Joint Large Screen area with the competition with DLP and LCD products. According to the 2015 Marketing Report of small pixel pitch products, there are two obvious features of its development.    

First, the leading companies are still behind while more companies joining this competition. 

In the year of 2014, the small pixel pitch LED display market was brisk, however in the year of 2015; the marketing share is getting down. Some leading companies only have 20% increasing benefit while the number of enterprises which with good sales conditions increase to 10. 

Due to the depression in traditional LED display market, more manufacturers enter the small pixel pitch LED screen market and start a furious competition. However, some leading companies had build their brand and doing good in Marketing promotion, thus, their Marketing share is strong. 

Second, it needs more time to apply in domestic solution, and business adoption still leads. 

In 2015, government application and army application are still the domain solution for small pixel pitch LED display. The percent of army project is 24% in 2014 while it is 31% in 2015, and the government and public service project was with 20% and it was raised up to 24.4% in 2015. 

Compared to the traditional display solution, home used application has great potential. The topic of how to make small pixel pitch screen used in domestic was under discussion since 2014. However, there is no extensive application in domestic solution yet.