What should a LED display do in rainy, moist place? Published:2016-05-09

In South province of China, the rainy reason is long, and there is a heavy humidity. The LED display products used both indoor and outdoor should be took into great consideration for waterproof and damp proof. Because as an electrical product, the humidity will lead to short circuit and then affect the performance and working lifetime of the LED display. 

First, the damp proof of indoor LED displays

The humidity indoor is much lower then it outdoor, so it is easier to do waterproof and dust proof than outdoor condition. In order to avoid the unstable performance leaded by moist, there are some methods below: 

1. Keep it ventilate indoor

Ventilation can help the moisture evaporation and lower the relative humidity in the room. However, the humidity will be increased when ventilating in a rainy day.

2. Put drying desiccant in the room. This adopts the Physical hygroscopic method, the drying desiccant can absorb the moisture then lower the humidity and protect the LED display from moisture. 

3. Use the air conditioner to dehumidify indoor air if the LED display equipped with air conditioner. 

Second, the waterproof of outdoor LED display

The outdoor environment is more complex than indoor, for moisture prevention, can refer to the indoor damp proof measures. However, the water proof and dust proof should be took into consideration too. The great installation can lower the risk of water ingress, and regular cleaning can also help to heat dissipation. 

Anyway, the best way to avoid damage to LED displays is to use it frequently, the LED display can produce some heat to evaporate the moisture. The frequently used LED display will be less affected by humidity then those not.