Discussion on the Beauty of DOOH Advertisements Published:2016-05-05

First, the technology. Due to the technology development, DOOH advertisements are welcoming a new level. Normally speaking, new DOOH advertisement is the combination of new technology, new devices, and new media with the basis of traditional DOOH Medias, then push a large improvement in the information transmit effect. For example, more and more traditional posters are replaced by large LED screens. Images, Vetoes, dynamic advertisements are more and more popular and attracts much advertisers. 

Second, the interactivity. Now the brand new advertisements are with interactivity, which can link the audiences and advertisers. Interaction of outdoor advertising is not a single form of publicity, but to fully understand the surrounding environment and interactive with audience by pleasing to their eyes. To achieve an active accept communication effect, one good idea can attract audiences to participate and brought us a pleasant feeling, so that audiences pay attention on the advertising, and advertisements are also affects us. Audience directly interact with advertising not only allows the audience to intuitively know about products, more can let the audience get an experience of the product, and thus stimulate their purchase desire.

Finally, the culture. DOOH advertisement is a cultural phenomenon with time characteristics, and its technique of expression, fashion elements with the development of society and development of different era ads have to belong to that era. And this also shows the culture of a city, through the details of small outdoor advertising, presents is a different flavor. So can say outdoor advertising touched a nerve of urban culture, displays a city life style and taste. New DOOH media advertising is not only a witness to the era culture also is the creator of visual art in the new era and the pioneers of the new technology applied in the visual arts. From a certain kind of sense, DOOH advertising is the visual representation pioneer into modern cultural life, and the new outdoor media advertising will reflect this cultural beauty incisively and vividly.