How to Choose the Wedding LED Screen Backdrop Design? Published:2016-05-04

The area of LED screen depends on the stage design and there are three kinds of LED screen wedding stage design, let's have a brief look at the advantages and Cons of them!

The first one: embedding. 

Just as its name implies, embedded led screen in the backdrop is to install the screen into a box. There is still some backgrounds in the stage or use KT board construction background, or cloth curtain, but whatever the backgrounds it will be, this kind of led screen is just like a large LED TV in the center of the on the stage, the percentage is not a lot, just let audience see the picture.

Advantage: HD broadcast quality, less cost in a smaller size.

Cons: small size not so meteoric. 

The second one: combined type

The LED screen is placed in the middle of stage and backgrounds on either side to make an organic whole display, form a cohesive design stage background. The design accepted by more people currently.

Advantages: large screen display makes more praise visual experience, and as a part of the stage background shows more harmonious.

Cons: so the integration of LED screen to appear as high class can only use KT board placed on both sides of the stage background, gauze curtain will be hard to merge with LED screen.

The third one: whole screen design

This is a large piece of led screen, the background of the stage is the LED screen, no KT board, no other stage design elements, all of the logos, images, and the picture are delivered through the large led screen display.

Advantages: large size, the whole banquet guests can have a great viewing experience of this LED display

Cons: high cost.