Seven Tips for Outdoor LED Screen Maintenance Published:2016-05-03

Outdoor LED screen occupied commonly large area, usually in a few square meters to several hundred square meters, even greater, with high brightness, big large viewing angle, windproof, waterproof, and other functions. Actually we spent so much effort to install the screen, surely hope that it can be used in a longer time with a better performance, so the outdoor LED display maintenance knowledge is indispensable.

1. Keep the outdoor LED large screen dry. To avoid water come inside the screen because get through the humidity outdoor LED large screen with electricity will lead to parts corrosion, causing permanent damage.

2. Do a good cleaning job in outdoor LED display is very necessary for maintenance. Large exposure to the outdoor environment under the wind, sunlight, dust and so on, the screen is easy to get dirty, after a period of time, it needs cleaning in time to prevent the dust package surface effect the watch for a long time.

3. Mind the switching sequence when operating outdoor LED display. Normally open the computer first, and then open the LED display. When closed, turn off screen first, and then shut down the computer.

4. A stable power supply and grounding protection is needed, don't use under the bad natural conditions, especially in strong thunder time.

5. Don't use it for a long time to play in full white, red, green, blue, etc all bright screens, so as not to cause too much power to damage the LED lamp, affect the service life of the screen. Besides, do not disassembly the screen and join together the screen body randomly.

6. Regular check of the outdoor LED display is necessary; to see whether it is working correctly, the line is damaged, timely replacement or repair the damaged lines, maintain the normal work of the screen.

7. The master computer related equipments should be placed in room with air conditioner, dust mote, to guarantee the stability of ventilation and cooling computer.