Energy-saving Outdoor LED Advertising Will Be A Heat Published:2016-04-22

As LED screens are increasingly used in outdoor advertising, materials used in the production of LED lights also cost more. How to achieve the advertising effect advertisers required by and saving cost, is a question worth discussion. Two new LED advertising forms under the following discussion.

Solar LED advertising is with great potential. The world energy crisis and environmental pollution problem is increasingly serious, solar energy as the new energy will become the mainstream of the new energy. If you can make full use of solar energy, part of the electricity can be converted into electricity for LED screen working, can also make full use of solar energy to generate power to keep the outdoor LED advertisements runs, which will be a new breakthrough of energy saving in LED advertising.

Brightness auto-adjustable LED displays. The brightness of Large LED display is different in day and night. The required brightness in specific time is different every day because the weather affect. While maintaining its brightness it needs to consume material and energy, if the LED display brightness is set up to adjust to outside environment by itself, it helps not only save energy, but also reduce light pollution.