City Large LED screen and citizen characteristics Published:2016-04-21
As we mentioned before the future of city will be a screen world, however, it is not everyone are excited about this screen world. In 2008, there was a citizen protest of disassembly the large LED screen in city center. Scholars of city environments research are worried about these screens and have hope on them. Normally, large LED screens are important in city modernization. It adds more color to color culture and the consumer culture. However, the public resources are limited. Sustainable development is needed during the process of screen world. The LED display design focus should change from technology to space vitality and social needs, to show citizen characteristic, for example.  

There is a LED screen project that can show the citizen characteristics the Storyboard in Cardiff, England. Storyboard is a totally free public device. Anyone just need to send their contents to a assigned number, these contents will be appeared on the screen. The received requests includes jokes, complaints, also the questions and proverbs about life.