The Advice on OOH LED advertising Healthy Development Published:2016-04-13

We have talked about the OOH advertising daily management in the previous article, and we will give some advice on OOH LED advertising healthy development. There are four suggestions namely Regulation, Online Managements, Credit Classification management, Enhance the legal publicity. 

First, make and launch relatively rules to regulated marketing behavior. To give a research on outdoor LED advertisements regulations, there is a lack of specific rules on the single “ LED advertisements” concept, thus when there is some new conditions, there will be no rules as legal stipulation for daily management.

Second, carry out LED advertisement online management for a faster service. Due to the large amount of information and quick update rate, many advertisers would not take the registration in public service department. And some will not alter when there is change on advertisements after registered.

Third, adopt creative manage method such as credit rating. To classify companies into different levels namely level A- Good, B- nice, C-Poor, D- Bad. For the GOOD Company, quick approval could be provided when they submit applications. And for the NICE ones, can offer better service. While for the Poor ones, should for send out warning notice their illegal advertisements. For the Bad level enterprises, should establish punishment rules.

Finally, enhance the laws publicity. Relative government departments should organize advertisers for OOH regulation lecture, and then improve their legal consciousness and reach a supplementary effect on OOH advertisement development.