The difficulty in OOH advertisements Daily Regulation Published:2016-04-12

The development of OOH LED advertisements brings change in information broadcasting and makes a difference in economic development. However, due to the broadcasting contents including of business advertisements, public service advertisements, government information and TV news, there is challenge in Daily Regulation of them because of monitoring delay. To analyze it detail in below.

First, quick change in advertised contents makes it hard to monitor in real time. Now, OOH outdoor LED displays are like a computer monitor which connect to the computer through data line and the advertisements can be changed after set up on the computer. It is much easier than the traditional advertisements. But some advertisers will take a shot to advertise illegal contents in a special time period which makes it difficult to industrial and commercial supervision and management.

Second, the lack of standardization and design on self-designed outdoor LED advertisement. Self-designed LED advertisements means those advertisements set up in their legal zone. In fact, to install LED display outside the building walls should get permission according to OOH LED advertisements regulation. However, because of the disunity between government’s management and accrediting criterion, the self-designed OOH LED advertisements are rregular.

Finally, some advertisers have slight legal consciousness. In the marketing activities, some advertisers do not take the legal regulation seriously and to design, produce and launch advertisements without any approval. The advertised contents may be exaggerate which may cause the economy lost for customers and disturb the market sequence.