Analysis on DOOH advertisements putting Published:2016-04-11

DOOH advertising aims at attracting attention to the advertised goods or services. Popular understanding is to deliver simple and clear information to audiences in a proper place and a specific time period. From the point of power consumption, environmental protection and energy-saving becomes a trend in outdoor LED advertising. When led screens are increasingly used in outdoor advertising, materials used in the production of LED modules also cost more. How to achieve advertising effect required by advertisers and saving material is a question worth discussion. Maybe Solar LED advertising will be the most remarkable R&D direction. From the perspective on the putting scope and utilization, there are two specifics need to be taken into full consideration.

First, expand the advertiser scope. Currently DOOH LED advertising is mostly for the automotive, real estate, finance and other large advertiser monopoly, because of its expensive launch price, to take the Wuhan square display advertising fee for 5RMB/Sec for an example. Small enterprises cannot get access to this large advertisement. To guarantees screen media income and advertising effectiveness, refined the advertising contents of cut the screen into multi pieces, allow more advertisements be broadcasted at the same time, which can both expand the scope of advertising and save resource.

Another method would be broadcast advertisements in separated period. Outdoor advertising is a scarce resource now especially in prime place. For the traditional static outdoor advertisements, because of factors such as location, the delivery period would be 3 months at least, which is much expensive for advertisers. However the dynamic LED advertising can realize separate time advertising. Although LED display cost relatively expensive, but can be set through real-time updates, as mentioned above with USB plug type, GPRS technology. This saves the cost of advertisers; relatively resources exploitation degree is also improved. Of course, currently there is some controversy on the effect of time-sharing, in compare to static billboards advertising effect, some advertisers question on the LED time-sharing transmission effect. Therefore, there should be accurate positioning and evaluation for the outdoor LED advertising time delivery.