ISE Show Report on Digital Signage Industry Trending Published:2016-04-08

If you are looking to find out what will be trending in digital signage over the coming year, ISE 2016 is unquestionably the place to be – and with more than 400 exhibitors claiming to have something to offer, there will be no shortage of opinions, ideas and products. Transtech brought its DISCOVERY series, EXPLORER series and POSTER, all these products attracted much attention and were highly appreciated. After all, Transtech marketing also spared some time to do marketing research, and after studying many enterprises, Transtech want to give a report on the industry trending. There will be three keys as ROBUST, INTERACTIVITY, and 4K SOLUTION. 

In a market that's developing so rapidly, it's difficult to ascertain what's mostly likely to have the most impact over the next 12 months. One trend, LED screen technology seems destined to become widely popular. LED has always had significant advantages over LCD-among them, that have long made it the go-to choice of screen technology for outdoor developments. 

And speaking of robustness, as digital signage becomes increasingly pervasive; it will find its way into increasing numbers of inhospitable environments. Making screens resistant to the weather, to vandalism and to direct sunlight is only becoming more important, with exhibitors among others-demonstrating screen solutions that are characterized by their ruggedness. 
But is LED already last year’s thing? Commentators are talking about electronic paper displays.
The second big trend is perhaps the increasing intelligence of digital signage screens as manufacturers look to make installations easier, more cost-effective and more scalable. 

Next on the list of trends is interactivity. 2016 will see it assume even more significance as retailers, especially, look to engage customers. Touch and multi-touch screens are everywhere.

4K resolution is the way the AV industry is moving, and digital signage mirrors that – allowing not only for compelling, eye-catching images but also the ability to deliver four HD images to a single screen.