Solution of A Comfortable Indoor LED Display Viewing Experience Published:2016-04-07

To solve the problem of comfortable viewing experience should consider both the LED display feature and the application environment, and then provide a solution for different audience group demands. For the LED display itself, it should fit the brightness auto-adjustable function, which guarantees an effective adjustment to the environment brightness change. Besides, for a better delivery result, the screen should be equipped with excellent color processing ability. And take the environment into consideration, there will be three kinds of conditions worthy of analysis.  

1. Educational LED display for middle high school should fully consider the lighting condition. Adjust the LED display brightness to fit the environment brightness. Normally, when using LED display to lecture, curtain will be adopted to make an even light condition in the classroom. For lectures, the LED screen will be viewed for a quite long time. The suggestion is to take a ten minutes break after a period of watching. And design a reasonable viewing angle in order every student can get a clear look.

2. For those LED display used in command center for monitoring, 7 day, 24hours continuous work is required. For stuff, 8h watch time is the least. This kind of LED display should be designed in a reasonable size to fit the applied rooms. Sometimes, for daytime using and displayed at night hour, there will be difference for brightness.

3. For other public places such as Movie Theater, train station, due to its wide audiences group, proper electronic parameter range should be set up to meet the requirements from different groups of audience.