What makes a comfortable indoor LED Screen viewing experience? Published:2016-04-06
To bring audience a comfortable viewing experience is the initial intention of LED display designer and manufacturer. Among which the brightness, refresh rate, viewing angle and the delivered contents are the main factors affect viewing experience.

1. Brightness. The maximum brightness shows the highest brightness level a piece of LED display can reach. When the brightness over 500cd/㎡, audiences will feel a little bit uncomfortable with eyes. Normally, most LED displays are with higher brightness as 1200cd/㎡ in the market. However, Transtech DISCOVERY series can reach 800cd/㎡ even lower  in a great grey scale.

2. Refresh rate. When the refresh rate lowers to a certain level, audience will feel uncomfortable due to the apple of his eyes adjustment to fit the brightness change. Thus, a higher refresh rate will brings a more comfortable viewing experience.
3. Viewing angle. The light output power is not even on all directions. Thus, when looked from different angles, audiences will get different experience. To control the light output even then avoid eye uncomfortable leaded by strong light concentration.

4. Delivered brightness matching surrounding brightness. When there is obvious brightness difference between the LED screens and surroundings, audiences need to adjust their eyes to fit the change in bright and dark environment to get the delivery contents.