Creative OOH Advertisement and LED Screen Published:2016-04-05
OOH advertising is the oldest form of advertising, however, outdoor LED display advertising that the innovation of the traditional media in recent years has been dubbed as the "new media". These innovative forms of outdoor advertising media suffered from two main aspects as the new material, new technology application in the field of outdoor advertising. On the other hand, due to the high demands of customer in the information transmission creative advertisements is highly required.

First of all, to guide the target audience demand for products and brand experience, we need to build effective platform for the outdoor LED display. With excellent display effect, high protection grade, outdoor LED display has become the darling of the outdoor advertising media. Audience can see the product directly, which arouse the audience consumption desire. Advertising company can through the environment effect of media, to create brand experience area, allows the audience to have a more in-depth understanding of, to accompany the product experience.

Second, to create the impact efforts media display by raising the impact of advertising to attract attention in numerous advertising messages, and then make the brand message stand out to achieve the purpose of effective communication, usually in the form of large media and special media to construct achieve this effect.

Also, when advertisers need to collect consumer information, or implement a customer to participate in interactive, touch screens and interactive projection has played an indispensable role. The development of smart phones has changed the traditional outdoor advertising usage, combined by LED advertising screens and smartphones to achieve Bluetooth download, use QR codes to download, visual recognition system, not only to achieve the e-coupon promotions function, but also to achieve information push, and entertainment and interactive effects.