HD LED display competed in the Security and Protection Market Published:2016-03-31
Due to the ultra seamless joint technology, cost-effective and brilliant content delivery, HD LED display is widely applied in studio, control rooms, command center, conference center and other import situations. As the pixel pitch is getting more and more close, audiences can get a great viewing experience in a close distance, which requires advanced processing technology and products manufacturing craft.

Security and protection is becoming important in multiple industries. As the terminal output of video information, security and protection monitoring display should deliver all the monitored situations vividly for a clear information transfer to the commander. Besides, this terminal display should operable into large-size pictures and small ones quickly and without sacrificing information accuracy. High definition display is always the most important requirement in security and protection market, and in the late years 4K solution concept is the key pursue of many manufacturers. Transtech, a new promising LED display solution provider, joined this intense competition and got great achievement with the DISCOVERY series successfully developed.
Among the security and protection projects, large-size screens will hold the main position in terminal information delivery especially in some large scale security projects such as Safety City and Smart City. Transtech has strong confidence on its DISCOVERY series for the perfect delivery and seamless quick installation.