Small-pixel LED Display Applications and Technical Advantage Published:2016-03-30

Technically speaking, small-pixel LED display can be divided into LED screen and TV according to different shape. As the technology development and innovation, now small-pixel LED display is going to replace DLP and become the main display media in military command center, controlling system, radio and TV industry.

Normally, there will be three periods for Small-pixel products widely applied to the market:

First, step into indoor large screen applications market. To replace DLP, LCD, Projector, HD display will hold the dominate position in military command center, controlling system, radio and TV studio applications. Seamless joint is the most obvious advantage in this kind of application.

Second, accesses conference center and educational applications. The large meeting rooms seated with hundred of audiences for conference or classrooms for students. All these application conditions require excellent image delivery. Interactive function will be appreciated both for better connection between the speakers and audiences and lecture.

Finally heads to high-end homes using TV market. 100'' LCD large size home using TV is absent for the limited technology. The projector cannot meet the watching effect requirements. Thus, although the market share is 10%, the sales amount is well predicated. However, to get the market share, LED Display Company needs to pay more attention to the product design, sales response and after-sales service.