HD LED display contributes indoor applications Published:2016-03-29
Small pixel pitch LED screen are mainly applied in monitoring and command centre, video conference system, television station and fancy clubs etc. However, there are six key issues need to be solved to reach a wide application namely Low brightness under high grey scale, matching the standard resolution ratio of original signal source, support multiple, complex signals input and control, seamless joint, stable delivery. Besides, selling indoor HD products is not just installing a piece of LED display, integrated solution and service is also needed. To take the global market need as standard, Transtech has its special focus on the DISCOVERY series. 
1. Contrast ratio 
Color uniformity is important for indoor close distance viewing. LED module is consist of LED chips, thus the chip quality and welded flew will affect the viewing experience. To improve the contrast ratio, Transtech chooses the black chip plus black mask; the contrast ratio can reach 5 times better than normal products. 
2. Grey scale
High brightness and low grey scale are two technical issues in LED industry. Transtech’s R&D team focused on this issue when handled the DISCOVERY series and finally reach 20% brightness still keeps a good gray scale performance. Color reproduction is always an important issue in LED display solution. DISSCOVERY’s brightness can be adjusted to the most comfortable viewing experience according to the environment change. Integrated circuit and adjustable process helps improve refresh rate, which guarantees no sacrifice grey scale when under low brightness delivery.