LED Display Applied in Security and Protection Monitoring Published:2016-03-28

LED display is the terminal visual system product in security and protection Monitoring. In recent years, the prosperity in the security market attracted more and more companies to join the LED display manufacturing and trading. Ultra-thin, no radiation, no flicker, low energy consumption, light and beautiful LED display broke the pattern of the original DLP main position in security and protection company. In the past, LED display is the "pet" in technical high-end market, until now LED display welcomes its new era with the wide application.

Compared with DLP, LCD display products, high density small spacing LED display owns main advantages in HD LED display, high refresh rate, seamless splicing, convenient and flexible in installation and disassembling, good heat dissipation system etc, even in a close distance to watch, its delivery images are still clear with no flicker and no particles. High density small spacing LED display is an important emerging industry marketing in commercial real estate, command center, public monitoring command system, radio, film and television studio center, conference center, senior hotel and hotel industry specific industry, communications, command and control center and other places have been gradually popularized or studio. This LED products are mainly used for large-scale substitution of DLP display products.