Why Small-pixel Displays Becomes A Favorite in Information Age? Published:2016-03-25

Information age highly demands on multiple enormous signals access and dispose display. Seamless image delivery is also an important factor when choosing display media. Now, LCD, DLP, PDP and LED displays are the four main display Medias in the market. 

However, LCD joint displays are with 4-5mm seam, which cannot meet the vivid and accurate deliver requirements of control rooms. As for PDP displays, although it can reduce the joint seam to 1mm, but the high power consumption and damage to display under long time of static image delivery makes PDP not the perfect choice for command center. For a long time usage, DLP display although its ponderous cabinet, blanking images, 1-2mm seam, and high maintenance cost. Small-pixel LED display becomes the favorite in control center until the 3mm LED display successfully developed. Now, the smallest pixel pitch can reach 0.8mm level, and 1.9mm LED display technology is mature. 

The DISCOVERY series developed by Transtech team independently is with the smallest pixel pitch as 1.2mm. Advanced technology and manufacture technique brings audience an excellent image delivery. High pixel density LED displays is perfect for indoor close viewing distance. Advanced color processing up to 14bit and contract ratio of 3000:1 can bring audience a natural viewing experience. The slight weight cabinet is much more convenient than DLP cabinet when installation or disassembly. Long working time up to 100,000 hours benefits our customers. Nanosecond response speed makes it a display product so much better than LCD and DLP products.