Small-pixel LED Screen Contributes to Smart City Building Published:2016-03-23

Smart City is a comprehensive concept with the first target to integrate large data information source in city management. With the transformation of internet, mobile network, Internet of things (IoT), in the methods of technology integration, information sharing, centralized dispatching and smart cooperation, then provide a high level intelligent manage platform for city development, and lower the public service cost. 

When enormous amount information become the decision making basis instead of single video, when decision based on sufficient group information but not inadequacy personal decision, the command center becomes the core of smart city construction. Complete control room demands highly on displays panel such as excellent color reproductions capability, low power consumption, long working life, low maintenance cost, high refresh rate, great contract ratio, quite operation, even comfortable viewing for long time. 

As a new promising LED display designer and solution provider, Transtech pays much attention to the concept of "low brightness under high gray scale". The brand new small-pixel screen DISCOVERY series can deliver the most comfortable viewing brightness of 800nit while keeping 14bit gray scale level. Reached “low brightness under high gray scale” technology benefits the HD LED display a favorite in control center, which is also the best choice for smart city building. Public safety, transportation, environmental protection, all these service constructions will push indoor small pixel LED display applications. As an essential large LED screen technology, small –pixel display will lead to a revolution in city public management, which push Smart City construction forward.