Digital Transformation Leads DOOH Media Industry Published:2016-03-21

Digital outdoor media gained the fastest growth in outdoor media management. The development of digital technology provides the technical support for outdoor media's digital transformation and change digital media audience contact habits, which makes outdoor media digital transformation possible and necessary. Now we entered a photo reading era, superficial reading, entertainment, interaction features this era. Compared with the traditional large outdoor advertising media, there is more space for interactive creation for digital outdoor media. Digital outdoor media also makes big data application of outdoor advertising LED display delivery can be more accurate and flexible.

OOH media's digital transformation includes two meanings: one is the outdoor media digital thinking; Second, the practice of outdoor media medium digital transformation. From the point of view of digital thinking, all outdoor media company in the digital era need to establish a digital thinking, use digital technology to provide more scientific solution for advertisers. From the angle of outdoor media medium of the digital transformation, adopt new technology into the traditional outdoor media, or develop better digital outdoor media, such as interaction technology in the widely use of taxi,  and AR, LBS, QR these new technology application in the field of outdoor media, all these features outdoor advertising new energy and industrial opportunities.

In a word, the development of the digital outdoor media needs a more scientific research, monitoring and evaluation of advertising effectiveness monitoring. At the same time, it is not required that all outdoor medias to realize digital, as traditional outdoor brands still have development space. However, excellent creative advertisement is with primary significance for outdoor media promotion.