Big data application makes DOOH advertising more Precise Published:2016-03-18

Big data marketing is not only a kind of brand-new marketing idea, but is a kind of brand-new marketing practice. The technology development for large data marketing also becomes necessary for the DOOH advertising industry development. The traditional outdoor advertising is marketing promotion to general public, big data era will be more personalized and accurate. Traditional outdoor advertising audience information is mostly obtained from audience research and professional equipment, and this kind of information is scattered, small-scale data. Outdoor advertising era of big data is more accurate, DOOH media companies can take advantage of big data technology to get more consumers personalized information, such as personal characteristics, media contact, consumer behavior, thus more accurate for outdoor advertising planning and creative, at the same time, more accurate for the combination of outdoor media.

Big data application does not negate the value of the small data. To realize the combination of big data and small data is the new topic of outdoor media enterprise. Large number Interactive outdoor advertising LED display of a large number of deliveries, the combination of mobile and outdoor advertising promotion, collecting the audience information provides a convenient for outdoor media company. Outdoor media companies can take advantage of the advanced data acquisition device and to obtain large data analysis, thus providing more effectiveness for advertisers’ higher media strategy. At present, large data mostly exists in various outdoor media company, how to realize the integration and utilization of the large data is a large outdoor media is the main problem to be solved.

At the same time, the big data will also change the traditional way according to the position of pricing, outdoor media valuable target audience will become an important consideration for outdoor media pricing index. Applications of big data and the privacy of personal information protection, is the common ethical dilemma in the era of big data faced by the enterprise. How to handle the relationship between these two issues is the main concern for the outdoor media company.