Transtech Classic Cases Collection Published:2016-03-17
Outdoor LED Posters in Tianjin

To look over the successful cases Transtech achieved last year, there are two of them can be listed on the Classic Cases Salon. One is the Outdoor P5 LED Poster for Tianjin Smart City Project and the other one is The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Project. 

P5 LED Poster

To cooperate with Tianjin city intelligent lighting system operator, Transtech finished the project of P5 LED poster in Tianjin. This project is completed by Transtech independently from design, product manufacturing, installation and test. With unique design of double sides screen, this unit measures at 1.024sqm for one side, and 2.048sqm in total. Transtech installed 200 pieces, 410sqm for the first period of this project.

P5 LED Poster

Super light and slim Die-casting aluminum cabinet with a fast lock facilitates the installation rapid and removal of the LED display. Double-sided symmetrical design makes good use of space while maintaining the equilibrium of the whole unit. With high brightness, great contract rate and high refresh rate, plus high efficiency LED lamps, brightness up to 6500cd/m2. At the same time, front IP 65 and IP54 rear makes this poster an excellent LED product under various weather conditions. Another significant feature is that it can be embedded with LAN, WIFI, 3G/4G intelligent management system, and employing ad network, these LED posters can display contents intelligently.

The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

There were total 47 pieces of LED displays installed in The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) in the entrance and aisles. These LED displays were used to deliver exhibition news and advertisements from exhibitors.

LED displays

TRT I-vision series are employed, 4mm and 5mm products are with slim but strong cabinets. The whole installed size of 4mm is 372sqm, and 195sqm for 5mm, which reach a total size at 567sqm for this project. Thanks to the die-casting technology, this special light weight design cabinet can have a strong performance. Low brightness with high gray scale, delivered images are vivid, complete and in real time. This project is highly appreciated by organizers and exhibitors.