Analysis on DOOH Advertising Development in China Published:2016-03-16

DOOH media is the third advertising media since TV and Internet. There is great potential for DOOH advertising business in China as it achieved and continued rapid economic development as well as the new urbanization strategy of country. To have an over view of analysis from enterprises, media reports and industry development, there would be 10 develop trends of DOOH media in China in the late future.

1. Focus on new urbanization city market 

The new urbanization strategy brings new develop opportunity to Chinese DOOH advertising industry. Advertisers have more space to expand the market due to the increased rooms for outdoor advertising in new urbanized cities. Fairly speaking, outdoor media is full in main cities like Beijing; however, there is large space to explore in newly-developing cities. For some large outdoor media companies, to expand the new urbanization cities market will make them more competitive. At the same time, DOOH advertising development should closely abide by the city develop policy in case of government management. Although there is a large market in urbanization cities, but it needs reasonable develop policy to make it develop in a right way. Advertisers also need a full understanding at the government policy before a project start.  

2. Integration of DOOH advertising Medias in a Multi-screen era

Advertising industry has welcomed its multi-screen era. Traditional TV, Internet play, Mobile devices, building outdoor LED display forms an integrated advertising environment, which is a consensus in the industry. The traditional idea is to take DOOH media as a complementary of traditional media; however, it is just the opposite in a multi-screen era. DOOH Medias is leading, and how to integrate other Medias is a new topic. Multi screen integration has obvious advantages such as more audiences can be reached and lead to a higher advertising arrival rate, and then enhance the purchase desire for large scale exposure. There are specific difficulties too. No integrate tool, scientific methods, less objective effect valued third party, etc. In the near future, if the above listed problems could be solved with effective scientific valued methods, it is believed that DOOH Medias benefits so much from this multi screen era.

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