Kunming Nanyue Town Building Lighting Project Published:2016-03-14

Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems EngineeringCo. Ltd is specializing in architectural landscape lighting & qualifiedwith National Class-A Construction Certification, invested by Transtech LEDCo.,Ltd who is experienced at digital out of home DOOH media (DOOH media) broadcasting.Jiangsu Retop owns enormous successful cases including infrastructure lightingdesign, public places lighting, building lighting concerns city businesscenters, hotels.

Building Lighting Project

Nanyue Town located in the cross betweenGuangfu Road and Guannan Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Convenienttransportations nearby such as direct bus lines, metros to city centre make ita great place for shopping. Jiangsu Retop undertakes the building lightingproject of Nanyue Town. To take all the buildings and gardens into fullconsideration from design to installation, Jiangsu Retop was highly appreciatedwith its high efficiency work.