The Secret of LED Companies Cost Control – Part three Manage the Product Design Cost Published:2016-03-11

Designers should have a strong cost control thought in mind and are aware of how to control cost. However, lack of standards on design R&D cost or the waste in producing process. 

To avoid excessive functional design, make the products as simple as it can be. Then get rid of those unserviceable designs which cost a lot but get undeserving market values. Adopt concise shape design when it can display the product modeling beauty can lower the design cost. 

Expect the above strategies, to set up a cost management center is also necessary. This depart is responsible for cooperating design depart including offer the best price of raw materials new product needs, and the producing cost. Also, working efficiency is close relative to cost control. The higher the employee's work efficiency is, the lower human cost will be. 

To sum up, LED display enterprises should take cost control as a daily management. Lower the cost will a company strike out from the pressure comes from trade business.