The Secret of LED Companies Cost Control-Part One Foreword Published:2016-03-09

Manufacturing industry as the pillar of the national industry in China, has maintained a good development momentum. However, with the disappearance of demographic dividend, the growth of the artificial cost, low efficiency, and the lack of talents, China's manufacturing development meets barriers, and the path of human development of traditional manufacturing is getting narrow.

Obviously, for any enterprise, spend the least money to save cost to do the best quality products, is the so-called high efficiency, also known as the cost control. And effectively implement the cost control, has become the most difficult measure about the management of the enterprise managers. It is understood that the object of cost control includes: the design process, procurement, production, sales and service delivery process, logistics and after-sales service process, management process, as a result of the logistics process cost control. Enterprise cost control should be the key in hand, then lead to have twice the result with half the effort.

Practice has proved that only when the product life cost under effectively control can significantly reduce the total cost. Only then can we truly achieve the goal of saving social resources. At present, the increasingly fierce market competition, the LED screen enterprise development also is so, the starting point of cost control or in the process of cost control platform is a fundamental work of cost control, cost control does not start from the basic work, the effect of cost control and success possibility will be greatly affected.