Five Tips to Maintain Outdoor LED Displays Published:2016-03-07

Recently, more and more companies choose outdoor LED display as the important mean to broadcast messages and promote marketing. Thus, various LED displays can be seen in the streets. However, for long time’s working outdoor, these LED displays need considerate maintenance. The following are some tips for outdoor LED display maintenance.

First, keep them dry as possible as you can. These LED displays work outdoor, which means they definitely will be affected by humidity. When the humidity reaches a certain degree, it will lead to corrosion and result to perpetual damage. So, be careful of the humidity where the LED display would be put in, and do not let it work at the place with heavy humidity.  

Second, keep it clean. Outdoor LED displays work under various weather conditions, thus it will be attacked by the wind, sunshine, dust. After a long time‘s use, the displays will look dirty and affect the visual effect. Thus, it is necessary to make it clean. Besides, you have to be careful when clean it. 

Third, keep the operate steps in mind. Before putting the LED displays through electricity, you have to open the control computer first. While you need to cut the electricity of the LED display and then turn off the computer when you close the outdoor LED displays. 

Finally, make sure to provide it stable electric connection especially the ground lead. And do not use the LED displays under strong lightning weather.