5 Main Trends of Outdoor LED Digital Signage in the Future Development Published:2016-03-03

There will have a rapid development of outdoor LED digital sign in the next few years. Advertising media is changing, digital platform, data sources are changing with the development of the industry.

1. New era is coming. Outdoor LED digital sign planning system is integrating all kinds of data sources; marketers will also be able to use outdoor LED digital sign. In a year with the election campaign, the real-time digital sign will also be broadcast live election.

2. Real-time outdoor trade wills also increase. Some vendors after the integration of resources, information will be released through the platform of the outdoor digital signage. This is beneficial to make the target audience purchase behavior.

3. Outdoor LED digital sign more intelligent. Self-optimization on the basis of combined with the integration of science and art, the future development prospect. User demand changing and helping advertisers to make more creative.

4. Beacon usage increases, the focus on data analysis. Smart businesses will use bluetooth low energy equipment (beacon) to obtain the data, in order to better understand the user requirements.56 IQ beacon of digital signage, Internet of things, and other intelligent interactive function not only represents the future trend was the first to deploy applications have also been in the leading industry, the effect is remarkable. Big retailers, including Macy’s, within its stores also began to increase for the use of the beacon.

5. Outdoor digital signage will become the core of social activities, mobile strategy. It also becomes increasingly important. Coca-Cola in Times Square recently launched a sharing of activities related, at the same time; also use the Google search engine and other powerful appeal.

It makes life more convenient. In the future, it will make consumers shopping more convenient.

The advertising industry development pressure rises. As a result, some businesses can more sensitive to the emergence of digital advertising. Expected future scrutiny of early advertising company will continue to increase.