DOOH Advertising Media Market Develop Solution-Connect with social media Published:2016-03-02

Speaking of the advantages of DOOH advertising, it is a breakthrough in the traditional movement of a balanced all-around support, in terms of the way from the player already contains three modes: Pure TVC video, e-magazine, FLASH. This makes LED display become the most flexible DOOH advertising media today, with the highest form of outdoor media, while the completion of the live event broadcast and on-site activities in support of time-phased intensive play.

In fact, in terms of technology, digital outdoor media can be very diverse; through interactive multi-directional communication can expand the developmental space. There are two aspects can be developed, one is interaction between outdoor media and consumers, and another is a cost-effective outdoor media, after being accepted, especially now, after class community media development, word of mouth generated by social community media makes outdoor media a great development.

Our country has been integrated into globalization. Foreign customers’ creative marketing concepts affect the local customers and our outdoor advertising industry. DOOH media in this context, to promote technological innovation process, using advanced marketing concepts to guide its development of technology, the idea of full integration with the media, promotion and broadcast television, the Internet, cell phones, etc. Continue in-depth study of consumer behavior to guide outdoor communication strategy, and digital media, interactive mobile media experience - outdoor LED digital will have a great change in the future.