DOOH Advertising Media Market Develop Solution-Creative Application Published:2016-03-01

A creative application is actually how to use LED display, how to make good use of it. YouTube used to install eight pieces of HD outdoor LED displays to support a theme activity in the famous London Carnady Street. It can provide interactive touch service, so that people can choose any video they want to watch, which attracted more and more initiative users and achieved the activity perpose. After statistics, five weeks after the event began, these LED displays producing near 10,000 times of interactions, while increasing YouTube and Flicker, Twitter use CTR. High efficient arrival rate and the outstanding LED displays on the event can be described as a huge success.

Creative activities like this comes from the interaction of ideas, we must proceed from the perspective of consumers, and take consumer-centric concept as a guide. Xtep’s attempt has heralded the direction of China's DOOH advertising market. There was an activity planned by Karen Media. Heartland media had planned and executed a "Twins World Cup Experience" activity in the Guangzhou Tianhe and Beijing Wangfujing. Two large LED displays with sensors and a giant football were set up. People can have interactive activities including Dianqiu game, FIFA soccer video games, Bluetooth camera photo and other items. The highlight is the core interactive activity: "Twins shot PK", the audience can play football on the LED, so that the two cities of Guangzhou and Beijing interacted together in such a way to break through the conventional forms of interaction between the consumer and the screen.

Thus, a creative application should fit the content with the media. What the advertisers really want is the final acceptance of audiences, then induced purchasing desire, rather than simply let the audience see the information. Interaction should be the highlight of LED large screen. To converse the attention into buying desire is the final mission of LED displays. Thus, getting attention is the key. Large size LED display with excellent delivery plus interaction should be the right way to strike for the market.