DOOH Advertising Media Market Develop Solution-Technological innovation, accelerate digital upgrade Published:2016-02-29

As we talked about the DOOH media market develop blocks before as Advertiser Hesitation, Less Creative Advertisements and Social Problems in the previous articles, now we want to propone three strategies accordingly. To take the environment conditions, audience reactions and marketing propose, it can be sum up into three main strategies: accelerate technological innovation, discover more creative application, and interact with social Medias. We will talk about the innovation at this chapter. 

At present, the vast majority of DOOH advertising media in China, from a technical level, it is outdated to the deep involvement of science and technology. Both technology development and product application are still lightly understood. In recent years, 3D displays appears in some foreign digital outdoor media groups, which combines with the technology cost reduction, it works for some modern youth and becomes more and more popular in brand marketing promotion. 

3D display technology provides advertisers a new way to reach the audience and impress them with your ad, such as the Real 3D format. "Real3D" completely reach visual effects without using 3D glasses, but through the high-definition displays to add a special filter. Image display is broken down into many complex overlapping fragments by human binocular vision and resolve to deliver real 3D lifelike picture.

Clear Channel Outdoor UK companies claimed it is the world's first true 3D outdoor advertising campaign when it promoting "three-dimensional real-time" advertising campaign. Through 42-inch monitor in London's Oxford Street, Buckingham Palace Road, Kensington High Street bus station platform, Consumers can come into contact with the customized 3D movie trailer. It is certain that in the next few years, 3D graphics technology will lead the DOOH advertising into a new level.