DOOH Advertising Media Market Block—Social Problems Published:2016-02-26

As is known to all, because of the high brightness of the LED screen, features such as large size, brings a certain degree of light pollution in cities in China. Although, some well known brands such as Coca-Cola, always advertising with the standard color of red, bold, however Coca-Cola in outdoor advertising in Tokyo, Japan, the background color is white. The same example is the impression of McDonald's, its shop signs in Paris, France, also is not whole red, but low gray. This is mandatory abroad the law to protect urban color harmonious urban scene.

From the point of urban planning, improper LED screen often will lead to a certain extent, the destruction of urban landscape. As is known to all, the urban construction is a business card of the city, it is to ensure the shape and function of the building itself, also should take the environment around, the style of architecture and city, and the relationship between the DOOH advertising. These indicators and auxiliary coexist, the harmonious unity is a perfect way, but there are those who aggressively building facade LED outdoor advertising, to cover up the appearance of the city, and even damage to the urban landscape.