DOOH Advertising Media Market Block -- More Creative Advertisements Needed Published:2016-02-25

Compared with the western advertisements, Chinese advertisements pay much attention on specious execution not the creative content. Some outdoor Medias even ignore the advantages of DOOH media itself but pursuit large size. Although a large size LED display is obvious, but the creative advertisements would attracts more visual time.

Most DOOH advertisements are single-direction dissemination, thus the LED display works like a giant outdoor TV, the effective arrival rate is not as advertisers expected. Even high-density advertising to face market competition ultimately didn't bring a good return on marketing.

As for advertising content, only products introductions, some are even similar to each other, but not specially made according to the product features. Cheap copies only lead to negative customer recognition with a high frequency broadcast.

And for advertisement making level, most of them are rough with poor picture quality. How can you expect an excellent delivery effect with a poor picture quality? The problems exposed by the waste causes a lot of money on meaningless behavior.