DOOH Advertising Media Market Block – Advertiser Hesitation Published:2016-02-24

In recent years, the domestic LED market has keep up with international pace on both quantity and quality, some are even better than that of the foreign Medias. But when a large number of LED outdoor Medias develop rapidly for several years, some sharp problems such as industry profit getting lower, LED light pollution appears, which means DOOH advertising market is getting into the block period.

Advertiser Hesitation is one of the main reasons. For a long time, the advertisers are confused about the advertising effect evaluation of DOOH application. When choosing the outdoor media, advertisers or agencies like to pursuit "effectiveness". There are also some traditional methods to evaluate "effectiveness", such as "environmental measurement" including the environmental effect, the location, illumination, available time, price, and contract term, maintenance, warranty, etc. As the development of outdoor environment and market and the change of consumer life habits and purchasing behavior, according change on outdoor media evaluation. Or we may say that numbers explains parts of the ad value of DOOH advertising.

Besides, for DOOH today, most of the advertisers are not sure about the advertising effect between traditional outdoor and digital outdoor media. Generally speaking, it is not a complete research and report on LED display advertiser. Most part of advertisers gets their reports from some third parties, and how the third parties get their own reports? To think this through, no wonder there are advertiser hesitation.