Advantages of LED Display for DOOH Advertising Published:2016-02-22

Now LED display is very common and can be seen in the streets. Compared with the traditional DOOH media is not in low price, what is the reason for it being popular in DOOH advertising. There is a research study of 16 major cities in audience investigation about outdoor LED display, and it concluded that LED display as ad media can help products reach high-end customers with strong purchasing power. 

1.CBD installation maximize space value

Most outdoor LED display media constructions are located in the city center, mostly business circle, and the traffic trunk road. With the popularity of the urbanization and private cars usage, these places have become indispensable places in cities for shopping, entertainments, business. Thus, LED displays installed in these places will create values beyond expected.

2.Effective audience cover

LED display screen features at large size, strong visual impact, excellent images delivery, combined with the unique advantage of space, make the LED display a great media attracts the attention of the urban population. 

According to the survey, the effective reach of outdoor LED display media rate was 61.8%/week and monthly average effective reach rate was 79.3%. Besides, 30% of the audience is active on the outdoor LED display media with a single stop looking of 15.1 seconds. LED display has a stable, repeated relationship with the audience, which is beneficial to the LED display media information transfer and understanding.

3. Audience recognition boosts advertising effectiveness

The study found out that the outdoor LED display can effectively improve the audience's perception of the ad-ed brand. In view of the outdoor media, people tend to think the ads on the outdoor LED display are big brands as well as the industry's leading brand.

At the same time LED display advertising can help to promote the brand and the products impression. 76.1% of the audiences believe that the outdoor LED display advertising has great effect on brand impression and product promotion.

4. High-end audience, significant marketing value

Besides, the survey found that the effective arrival of the outdoor LED display media mainly focus on young group which is highly educated with high income. 80.2% of often contact audience is 21-45 years old, 65.9% college degree or above, 34.8% of them are mid-level managers, they have stable and high income, strong purchasing power. 

To sum up, to adopt the LED display as an outdoor advertising media, the owners can beneficial from high-end customers with strong purchasing power. High efficient arrival rate, and advertising values.