Analysis of Outdoor Full Color LED Display for Advertising Media Operations Management Published:2016-02-15

In recent years, advertising LED displays dressed up the bustling city urban outdoor space, has become the main media of outdoor advertising. From traditional print advertising media to outdoor full color LED display, this is not just the advertising media upgrade, but in fact both the business model and the management and maintenance is with big difference.

Traditional print ad only has one or two screens switches, after a successful attract investment, it will continue in the next six months or even a year. Meanwhile, the device has no other operating costs apart from a few simple spotlights, and needs no professional maintenance. One location only has one or two customers, limited income, but without taking excessive risks.

However, the outdoor LED display is not the business once and for all. Many media owners have a simple thought in operating LED display that after change to the LED display, with more numerous advertising screens, advertising revenue can also be subsequently doubled. Until the real business began, they need to purchase equipments, specialized in training marketing team, content design team and maintenance team, and the latter is much higher than expected operating cost.