With You, It Is Different! Transtech’s Annual Meeting Successfully Concluded Published:2016-01-25

On 18th, Jan, 2016, Transtech's Annual Meeting successfully concluded. At this day, we gave a report of 2015 and prospected the coming 2016. 

At the beginning of this meeting, Mr. Tom Zhou, the CEO of Transtech, gave a presentation on the big events in 2015. From the team construction to the first project bid winning, from the first factory evaluation to more and more orders, and the honors we got, Transtech is becoming international. At the end of this presentation, Mr. Tom Zhou gave a final encouragement, he said, "Today is the one year annual meeting of Transtech, but we have the confidence on five years annual meeting, ten years annual meeting. Let’s work for this goal and make Transtech a well known, respectable brand in the world." 

90% of Transtech's business volume comes from international sales, among which America is the largest target export country. Thus, the America sales report is very important. We can have a clear idea of the challenge comes with the change of America Marketing. The America Partner Translux gave the sales report on America Sales Condition.

Later, the subsidiaries gave their annual reports. Jiangsu Retop mainly reviewed the large events undertook in 2015, especially the "Yue Shan Lake" project in Guiyang city, which was awarded the "Excellent Lighting Design Project" in the 5th "Golden Finger Award" selection organized by Linghtingchina.com.cn (CIES). Newtop 3D gave an annual report on the successful cases achieved in 2015, product solutions, and proposes the new plan for 2016: develop 2 new products, focus on 3 markets and challenge 1 new market. 

Then, department directors reported in sequence. Both domestic sales depart and international sales depart gave a report on sales condition in 2015, and came up with the sales target in 2016, and made a requirement on supporting service and products upgrade. Marketing depart and Technology depart summarized the 2015 work experience, and formulated new strategy on new product R&D, marketing promotion, and technical support.

"A person's future is decided by the way you choose to live now." At the end of this meeting, Transtech's President Mr. Stone Shi delivered a speech on company development with the theme as "With you, it is different". He said, “Although Transtech is at the start-up period, and the company regulations are not finalized and completed, but this is the chance also the responsibility for every member. Every department is indispensable. Production, R&D, Sales and Marketing, all of you should have a clear idea that we will meet lot difficulties in the future. This road is full of thorns. What we can do is to plan. Have a clear plan about the future, and what kind of position you think you can be, take this as the force push you forward. I believe the one in the future will appreciate the one who work hard now.” 

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