Five General Methods of Heat Dissipation Promotion Published:2016-01-15
In practical applications, to improve LED screen heat dissipation can not only improve the efficiency of heat dissipation but also achieve electricity saving and extend the life of LED display. 
1. Fan cooling, embedded with fan inside the lamp shell, which is low cost, good effect.
2. Use aluminum fins are the most common cooling method, as part of the aluminum fins to increase heat dissipation area.
3. Take full use of cabinets shape and create a convection air, which is the lowest-cost method to enhance heat dissipation.
4. Surface radiation heat treatment, light shell surface radiation heat treatment done, relatively simple heat radiation paint is applied, radiant heat can be removed from the way the surface of the lamp envelope.
5. Heat conduction pipe adoption, the use of a heat exchanger tube technology, heat from LED display chip lead into the housing fins.

LED display cooling technology is getting mature with the electric technology developed. LED electronic display manufacturers will try to improve heat emission with a variety of methods. And these methods will differ from different applications conditions.