How to Make LED Display more Energy-efficient? Published:2016-01-06
It is nothing more than a business seeking to maximize the benefits and long-term oriented. However, fierce competition and lower prices lead to lower profits in LED industry is not considerable, including LED display.

The color of LED display is divided into monochrome, dual-color, three-color (full color), four-color (RGB + yellow Y) and five primary colors (RGB + cyan yellow G + Y). Three-color display is used mostly in commercial advertising at present, less using of four-color because of cost and  five-color is still in theory being.

LED wall itself belong to energy-efficient light-emitting materials, but taking the large application display area into account, long-running play time combined with high brightness, power consumption can not be under estimated. Owner of LED display should afford the costs associated with electricity besides the LED display ,and power cost will be presented geometric growth as time goes.

Energy-efficient LED display with high-efficiency low-power chip design, using high-efficiency half-bridge or full-bridge switching power supply , reduce the power supply voltage when the driver IC at constant state as much as possible, through red, green and blue supply separate power to achieve better energy efficiency.

In addition to the above method, you can also save energy by using by automatically adjusting screen brightness . Of course, wind and solar LED display, solar displays are also good choices.

As a LED display manufacturers how to continue to become bigger and stronger in the fierce competition, purely by the price war to suppress peer undoubtedly harm than good, only starting from the technical improvements and innovation can go further than other companies.