Make the light endowed with culture! Annual Golden Finger Award Ceremony Report Published:2015-12-25
On 19th, Dec 2015, the Fifth Annual Golden Finger Award Ceremony was held in Haizhu district in Guangzhou. Organized by Lightingchina.com and guided by China Illuminating Engineering Society, industry experts, well known lighting project designers, engineering companies, lighting product manufactures, and famous Medias all gather here to celebrate this honorable. Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd is an experienced lighting design company invested by Transtech LED Co.,Ltd. And Jiangsu Retop was awarded with two grand awards as the “Excellent Outdoor Lighting Product Supplier” and the “Excellent Lighting Design Application” with its Yueshan Lake project. 

Ten years to make an excellent supplier
Qualified with national A class construction qualification, Jiangsu Retop accumulated abundant industry technology, and its new developed LED lamp series has achieved great breakthrough on photology, structure, heat dissipation, lamp protective, and system control for the past ten years. Luminary efficiency up to 90% which reach advanced world standard. Nearly 500,000 lamps adopted in tunnels, roadsides, railway sides and landscape lighting projects still performs well.  

Jiangsu Retop is admired for it strictly stands on contract and keeps on its words. For ten years of endeavor, Jiangsu Retop wins most of its customers for its high quality products and reasonable price, and complete after sales service. Finally get awarded as "Excellent Outdoor Lighting Products Supplier". 

Yueshan Lake Case Study
Yueshan Lake locates in Shiertan Reservoir Park on the cross of Yuntan North Road and Guanshan West Road, Guiyang city. This project is 15km far away from city center, and covers near 910,000sqm. Special location makes it a great relaxation center which combines culture, entertainments, and relaxations. 

Yueshan Lake project is carried out by Jiangsu Retop Lighting Systems Engineering Co. Ltd. To build Yueshan Lake as an attractive city night landmark is the target of Jiangsu Retop. To use light to display the folk custom of Guizhou Province, join minority and modernization together, and then push economic development, finally benefit the citizens, the whole design adheres to the above goal.

Yueshan Lake owns special natural scenery and beautiful mountain, lake views. Therefore, Our designers take the whole natural views into comprehensive design, to display a multiple levels, high taste night viewing through the combination of advantaged natural scenery and advanced lighting technology.  

To sum up, this project is people oriented and focus on energy saving. Jiangsu Retop adopted new lighting technology and design concepts to deliver more advanced design plan. Fully consider the power consumptions in multiple applications, and differs the difference between normal days and holidays. Installation should not disturb the building decoration, and Yueshan Lake project achieved this goal in an appreciated way. Thus this project was awarded as the “Excellent Lighting Design Application”.

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