How to define LED displays with good quality Ⅳ Published:2015-12-03
Circuit design
Circuit design and PCB board are very important to a stable performance.
Requirements for PCB board as below:
Thickness: 1.6mm
Raw material: FR-4 glass fiber board
Copper foil thickness: 35um (1Oz)
Connector design is important. There are two popular designs, one is Longhorn design and another is Pin header design. Longhorn design is better to catch flat cable in case of emergency leads by invalid connect. Speaking of choosing electrolytic capacitor or tantalum capacitor, if looking for long working lifetime, tantalum capacitor is better while electrolytic capacitor is better for lower price application.

Automatic production
Static electricity is great potential damage for electronic components. It hurts the electronic components or leaves hidden danger which will damage them after a period of usage. Multiple methods had been tried to deal with the static electricity, such as wearing ESD wrist strap, anti-static cloth and employing dustless plants. However, the best way to prevent static electricity is to avoid touching, which is achieved by using automation equipment.