How to define LED displays with good quality Ⅱ Published:2015-12-01
Maximum brightness

The Maximum brightness for LED display means under certain environment, the brightness under the maximum gray scale and lighting condition. In short, to set the LED display whole white at level 255, the brightness measured by light gun.

For outdoor applications, the brightness will change with the environment brightness change, thus orientation of installation should be taken into consideration. To take China as an example, 4000cd/m2 is enough when the LED display is facing north; however, 7000cd/m2 is required when facing south.

Average Power Consumption

Average Power Consumption means the power consumption for one square meter LED display and Watt/hour is the measure unit. For example, the average power consumption is 300W/m2, which means this LED display will use 300w of electricity per square meter for one hour’s usage. There are two elements to measure the power consumption. One is Maximum Power Consumption and another is operating power consumption. Then, how to know how much electricity this LED displays is going to use? To count the powers adopted for each cabinet, and multiply the Maximum Power of it then figure out the Maximum average power consumption. Normally there are two powers model as 200W and 300W. And operating power consumption means when the LED display is working. Normally speaking, operating power consumption is close relative to displayed contents, thus there is not a defined number. According to years of experiences, Transtech found out the operating power consumption normally is 1/3 of max power consumption. Lower power consumption means less heat dissipation. Energy saving LED display usually fits with four 200W powers per square meter.  

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