How to Define LED Displays with Good Quality Ⅰ Published:2015-11-30
As the wide application of LED display, to choose a good quality LED display is not so easy for so many technical terms to refer to. Transtech wants to give not just our customers but also every people who is interested in LED display a brief introduction of these LED display technical terms

1. LED wavelength
Wavelength decides whether the color LED display delivers is uniform or not. The way to check is easy, even without professional devices they can still to define this through observation. Method one: to control the whole LED display to deliver white color. This should be pure white on the whole LED display. If there are a little bit red or blue that means both raw material and manufacturing technology are less desirable. This will become a problem as the usage. Method two: to control the whole LED display to deliver red color, green color, and blue color in order. The color shown in the central wavelength is the pure blue, pure red and pure green. If it shows as deeper blue, red and green, or lighter ones, that means partial wavelength. If it shows not uniform color that means wave aberration is larger than it should be. For a good quality LED display, blue color and green color should control their wave aberration no more than 3nm and red color wave aberration no more than 5nm in central wavelength.

2. Viewing angle
The viewing angle means when the brightness from viewing direction is the half of brightness at Normal Line to the LED display, the angle between Horizontal and Vertical viewing and Normal Line. There are Horizontal viewing angle and Vertical viewing angle.


For outdoor LED display applications, both DIP products and SMD products are great choices. DIP product owns higher brightness but smaller viewing angle while SMD products fit with larger vertical viewing angle but lower brightness. Customers can decide to choose DIP or SMD depending on audiences group and the lighting conditions on installation environment. For indoor applications, brightness is not the key element, SMD product is perfect. However, some manufacturers try to disorient customers by higher brightness but smaller viewing angle. To deal with this situation, customers can observe the delivered contents from front and side to check whether the images are clear or not.

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