How to Save Money with Your Outdoor LED Display Published:2015-11-27
Outdoor LED display is a great replacement of traditional advertising Medias. However, outdoor LED display usually owns a large size, which means large power consumptions. How to reduce the power consumption is the core issue in LED display design. To achieve this goal, many industrial experts give advice at adopting efficient LED chip, IC, switching power supply and devoting to design comprehensive power consumptions system and intelligent energy saving system.

To reduce the LED display power consumption, there are some key questions as following:
1. Since LED chip works at low voltage usually direct current 2-3.4V, then to use switching power supply to switch the main electric supply, to achieve the supreme transfer efficiency.
2. Ordinary LED display modules working voltage usually at 5V, and LED chip working voltage at 2-3.4V, how to improve the circuit working efficiency to reduce the voltage lost in circuit, then lessen the heat consumption and reach the final goal of reduction power loss.

3. To improve LED photoelectric conversion efficiency and reduce IC power consumption then achieve saving electricity.

4. To make the brightness auto-adjust to the change of environment.

As a leading LED display company and with so many industrial experts, to lower power consumptions and save money for our customers is always the core concept of Transtech. Adopt high efficient LED chip, less power for IC at the same brightness. Contribute to whole cabinet design, module design can achieve fan-free and less cable, and then lessen the whole power consumptions. For outdoor DIP LED display, working voltage at 3.8V, ensure the power-supply efficiency at 85%. Adopted intelligent control system guarantees this LED display to change its brightness to the environment change automatically, this can save power and reduce light pollution. The above measures can lower the power consumption, save money for our customers. Transtech always put customers’benefit at the first place.

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