Outdoor LED Screen in National Trust Building, Changchun Published:2015-06-16

TRT O-Vision series product continued to hold the position of Sales Star with high quality and stable performance. Installed in National Trust Building, Changchun, this outdoor LED display can benefit its owner with great advertising potential. Benefits our customer, which is the target of every piece of LED display sell from Transtech.

outdoor LED display

Product Features
Superb brightness, color uniformity and reproduction. Brightness variances within +/- 2.5%;
Extremely weather-proof, adapt to different kinds of environment;
Support automatic fault detection;
Refresh rate up to 4,200Hz, completely flickering-free for live videos;
Proprietary image processing produces sharp, brilliant  images – incomparable by industry competition;
6000 : 1 contrast ratio tempers screen brightness into sharp, focused images whether up close or far away;
6000 nits guarantees the screen stays brighter longer, providing 80,000 hours of continuous use.