Transtech Legend LED Mesh Decorates Shenzhen High-tech Park Published:2019-04-26

TransTech’s Legend LED Mesh was used on this well-known building in Shenzhen’s High-tech Park called the Dashi Building. This project was just put into operation recently. The creative design of the product and HD images perfectly displayed impresses every person that passes by the installation. The customers that bought this system having nothing but high praise for the implementation of the project from the design of the system to the final hand-off to the owner.

This project uses the TransTech Legend series P33 pixel pitch LED mesh system with a total screen area of 360 (3,880sq feet). The high-definition images, vivid details, delicate colors, extremely high brightness and outstanding display effects make the video that streams on this display to be seen by millions of people. This system was designed lightweight panel that has really good air and light permeability of up to 70%. This minimizes the change to the look of the exterior design of the building and ensures that natural indoor lighting can come through the display system into the building’s residences. This hollow light strip design also effectively reduces the wind load, thereby reducing the strength and weight needed for the structure of the display system. Ultra-high permeability and a wide viewing angle blends the display into the building’s surroundings, making the Dashi Building an eye-catching symbol for the surrounding community.

Developed independently by TransTech’s design team, the Legend series LED mesh uses a special aluminum alloy material that is 30%-70% lighter than traditional LED displays. This gives a savings on the transportation and installation costs. The partially transparents strips and hollow product shape provide up to 70% permeability. The brightness of the display can be automatically adjusted to the best levels for viewing according to the current brightness and weather conditions in the surrounding environment. With the ultra-lightweight, highly transparent and flexible installation options, the TransTech Legend LED mesh has had good sales at home and abroad, and is gradually becoming the best display to replace traditional LED displays and billboards. It’s usually applied to a building’s exterior walls, glass curtain wall, sightseeing elevator, inside of the windows, as a stage background, and just about any location where you would like to have a display that improves any urban landscape.

The TransTech Legend Led display brings a diversified and unique visual feast to Dashi Building, while becoming part of an eye-catching landscape for the Shenzhen High-tech Park. The success of this project shows that TransTech has the capability to handle almost any project, regardless of scale.


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